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All our trusts in Florida are prepared by an attorney who specializes in estate planning.
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Florida Living Trust Probate Estate Planning Trust Overview Henry W. Abts III

The Estate PlanTM Universal Living Trust

Beyond the twenty-five years of practical experience, the 50,000 trusts prepared and the input of over 400 estate planning attorneys nationwide, The Estate PlanTM Universal Living Trust is unique because of its universality. No other trust compares.

Unlike a Will that is state specific, the Living Trust is recognized from state to state.  Since the basis of the Trust is English common law, a Trust is also recognized in Canada, England, and all commonwealth nations.  Although most European and South American countries use civil law, these countries recognize the Trust as well. With clients all over the world, our experience has been, by and large, that most countries recognize the Trust.

In contrast, since probate varies from state to state, and since Wills have a history of abuse, the required legal content of Wills varies from state to state. Someone who has a Will and moves from one state to another should have his or her Will reviewed by legal counsel in the new state and probably redrawn to comply with the local state law.

While a Living Trust is legally valid in all fifty states, it is not necessarily applicable in all states. Many states have their own peculiar legal differences that must be addressed if a Living Trust is to be applicable in a particular state. For instance, if you have your Living Trust drawn up by an attorney in one state, and then inform the attorney you have property in another state as well, you will be advised to contact an attorney in that state to have your Living Trust reviewed and to transfer that property into your Trust.

The difference between an ordinary Living Trust and The Estate PlanTM Universal Living Trust is scope. This is the true distinguishing point for The Estate PlanTM Universal Living Trust because it is a universal Living Trust. The Estate PlanTM Universal Living Trust is more comprehensive and inclusive, addressing more real-life situations with individual state statutes. The Estate PlanTM Universal Living Trust is essential if you live in more than one state – such as "snowbirds" who live in the North in the summer and the South in the winter -- or if you move to another state.

Texas and Florida provide an excellent example of state differences. They have specific homestead rights that, if not included in your Living Trust, would be lost! Having an Estate PlanTM Universal Living Trust is very important; it is what distinguishes us from the crowd.

In addition to all the proper documents necessary for an estate plan, The Estate PlanTM Universal Living Trust gives every client the tools to help organize their estate.  One of the most important aspects in settling an estate is the ability to “put one’s hands” on the vital documents.  This special Personal Estate Preservation Program Binder™ is a working tool.  It contains 23 tabs, each with a specific purpose.  By working within its guidelines, an estate will be ready to be passed to the heirs or successor trustee(s). 

One of the most common fears for surviving trustee’s or heir(s) is their lack of personal knowledge of the details of a deceased’s estate.  This binder is a life-saver.  Many clients have commented on how secure they feel knowing that all their significant documents and vital personal information is in one location.

There is security and peace of mind that accompanies The Estate PlanTM Universal Living Trustwith its Personal Estate Preservation Program Binder™ There is nothing else like it. Our clients love it; you deserve it.

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If you reside in Florida at least several months of the year and want to have an Estate Plan Revocable Living Trust prepared by a top-notch Florida estate-planning attorney, together with my help, please phone or email me. Include your name, postal mailing-address and telephone number(s). Of course, you are under no obligation by virtue of our discussion.

Stewart Ogilby
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All our Florida trusts are prepared by an attorney who specializes in estate planing.
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Florida Living Trust Probate Estate Planning Trust Overview Henry W. Abts III

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