About 30 Years of Hell in Iraq

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Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2007 00:07:12 +0100
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Subject: Iraq: 12 years of economic + 4 of military destruction

Lund, Sweden, March 19-20, 2007

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About 30 years of hell in Iraq

Tonight it is four years since the Bush administration, supported by other states, commenced the bombing, invasion and occupation of Iraq. We think of the 650.000 Iraqis who have died during these four years of occupation. This war proved to be the predictable fiasco TFF and several of its Associates said it would be.

Tonight we also try hard to think of the 1 million people who perished in the Western genocide called economic sanctions from 1991-2003.  And before that there was the mass-killing war with Iran and Saddam's terror.

Tonight we think of TFF's Iraqi friends who have died so meaninglessly.

Sources to help you understand and empathize:

The TFF Middle East section

Our Middle East Features Collection

The TFF Middle East Theme and Action Group, TAG

TFF Board member, former UN humanitarian coordinator in Iraq,
Hans von Sponeck's authoritative study of the sanctions

Our unique photo series from Iraq - Iraqi Faces and Surfaces

The historic 2002-2005 collection of analyses

The 53 War Diary articles that pointed out the major media distortions while they happened

A new Iraqi-born TFF Associate
and a new article about peacebuilding in Iraq

Our new Associate, Yusra Moshtat

And read Moshtat's and Oberg's feature of March 19-20, 2007
Support peaceful plan so that the U.S. can leave Iraq
Letıs stop shouting only ³The US out of Iraq². Unless combined with a vision of a decent, respectful and helpful international mission in Iraq and a better policy plan for the Middle East, that slogan plays into the hand of those who advocate ongoing occupation. Itıs not a matter of leaving Iraq, itıs a matter of being there in a completely different way.
Dennis Kucinich's plan deserves worldwide support.

Iraq now means more than 5 times the deaths of Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined.

Let's remind ourselves tonight that people die and suffer in Iraq and elsewhere because of the symbiosis between the failed U.S. empire, its occupation and the terrorists.
The madness continues now into its fifth year because others who could effectively prevent it - such as the friends and allies of the United States and the Bush administration - lack the understanding and civil courage to do so.

- for peace with passion

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