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APRIL 20, 2008



New York Times best-selling author Steve Alten, whose recently released novel, The SHELL GAME has served as a rallying cry for tens of thousands of 9/11 truth activists, has issued a public challenge to conservative talk show hosts Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and anyone else who still believes the official story of September 11th, 2001.

“I am not a liberal democrat, nor am I an activist or conspiracy theorist," says Alten, "I am a proud American who loves his country. I was the last person ever to believe our own government was involved in September 11th. Now that I have looked at the evidence...I’d have to be a 'pinhead' to believe such outlandish lies!”

Alten’s novel, The Shell Game, is about the end of oil and the next 9/11 event – a false flag attack using a nuclear suitcase bomb that will give the neoconservatives the excuse they seek to launch an attack on Iran. Paul Craig Roberts, a former Wall Street senior editor and the father of Reagenomics says the book is an absolute “must read.” Activists challenging the official story of the Bush Administration have rallied around Alten’s novel, calling it a cautionary tale in the same vein as 1984.

Alten appeared as a guest on Mike McConnell’s radio show last Thursday morning and by many accounts “whipped” the conservative talk show host into a corner using facts about the 9/11 wargames, overseen by Vice President Dick Cheney, that simulated hijacked commercial jetliners.

Alten tells us: “McConnell was so flabbergasted, he actually tried to insist the wargames weren’t real. Well, Vigilante Guardian was sure real to the FAA air traffic controllers who had to contend with twenty-two false blips inserted on their radar screens. And they were sure real to the jet fighter pilots who were purposely diverted out of NEADS (Northeastern Air Defense Sector) so that the four hijacked airliners could hit their targets without being intercepted. Americans have been fed a bunch of lies about the events of 9/11. Now I’m challenging any and all conservative talk show hosts who think they know the truth to have me on their show. Call me a wacko, but at least have the guts to bring it on!”

Talk show producers interested in scheduling an on-air debate with Alten can contact Ascot Media at 281-748-5094. Publicist Trish Stevens advises all hosts to be prepared. "No weenies allowed, this is a red meat affair and Alten means business."

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