• Shut Down Wall St. Investment Scam Firms.

  • Replace all Federal Banking Companies.

  • End the Federal Income Tax.

  • End the Federal Reserve System.

  • End political lobbies (bribers).

  • Terminate or Indict paid-off politicians.

  • Restore Currency Control to the US Congress.

  • Put airwaves & TV News Into Public Domain.

  • Expose and Prosecute 911 Murderers.

  • Prosecute Domestic War Criminals.

  • Bring American Troops from Overseas.

  • Bring US Corporations from Overseas.

  • Restore The Bill of Rights in Courts.

  • Demilitarize Local Law Enforcement.

  • Remove Federal Government From Local Schools.

  • Elect and Support Dr. Ron Paul & His Team

Overlook what you have been made to believe
about Adolph Hitler long enough to read

The entire world is watching, praying, and hoping that Americans WAKE UP. Our nation, mankind's great opportunity for managing self-government, is in jeopardy. We must not permit Mr. Jefferson's "great experiment" to fail. Let us again struggle together to structure a more just, more humane, and a stronger Republic for ourselves and future generations.

The criminals could not have pulled off 911 without the complicity of those who own and control the TV networks. The airwaves should be as much a free part of the public domain as the air we breathe. If you are curious as to how the 911 hoax could have been done, see Exposing the 911 Hoax at

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