Let's find the mysterious Lady Evelyn Booth

Georgetown University Center of Law - 1987

She didn't graduate in 1987. Ummmmmmm.....let's see....

Barbara Olson's husband, the Bush administration's Solicitor General, Theodore Olson, the top attorney in the U.S. Department of Justice, lied on 911 about Barbara calling him from American Airlines Flight 77, a "hijacked" plane involved in the Pentagon crash story, according to the FBI. If she had really been on an airplane and is alive today, the plane didn't crash on 911.

Is it possible that Barbara has had a first-class plastic surgery make-over? Barbara Olson's "phone call and demise" were responsible for the hijacker/Arabs/boxcutters story fed to a traumatized American public the following day by Ted Olson and his neocon buddies in the Bush administration.

Ted has married 4 times. Below are the two latest Mrs. Olson's. Frisky Ted goes for blonde lady attorneys. He obviously fell for one that shows an uncanny resemblance to Barbara.

More than a nose job?
More than a nose job? Click above.

Lady Evelyn Booth Olson is said to have entered law practice in NY in 1988. A comprehensive internet search turns up 2 other Georgetown University graduation years for the present Mrs. Ted Olson.The other graduation years we ran across are 1983 and 1985.

Do you think we will find her? This is more fun than "Where's Waldo?", isn't it?
More to follow

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