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Is The USA Now a Dictatorship?

Mirriam-Webster OnLine:

Pronunciation: dik-'tA-t&r-"ship, 'dik-"
Function: noun
Date: 1542
1 : the office of dictator
2 : autocratic rule, control, or leadership
3 a : a form of government in which absolute power is concentrated in a dictator or a small clique b : a government organization or group in which absolute power is so concentrated c : a despotic state

Mr. Bush and a military-industrial clique ("advisors") have expressed their desire, intent and ability to themselves involve We the People of The United States of America in another war.

See:  Mr. Bush's War, by Eric Margolis

See:  War in Iraq, War on the Rule of Law?, by Congressman Dr. Ron Paul

Impending Constitutional Crisis: The Rush to War "The American Constitution at the very beginning of the republic sought above all to guard the country against reckless, ill-considered recourse to war." Is it still doing that?

See:  Impending Constitutional Crisis: The Rush to War

The Bush administration's apparent resolve to wage war against Iraq, tempered for the moment by conservative critics, violates the spirit and letter of the US Constitution, as well as disregards the prohibitions on the use of force that are set forth in the UN Charter and accepted as binding rules of international law.

See:  No War Against Iraq

Iraq, the United States, and International Law: Beyond the Sanctions What accounts for the obsessiveness of American policy toward Iraq over the course of more than a decade?

See:  Iraq, the United States, and International Law: Beyond the Sanctions

Saudi Arabia will no longer kowtow to America The US should show tolerance and understanding for the Saudi way of life. What are the consequences if it doesn't?

See:  Saudi Arabia will no longer kowtow to America

America is making enemies of even its friends If America offends its friends, who will that benefit? Europeans are beginning to feel not wanted by the US administration.

See:  America is making enemies of even its friends

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