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"Radical measures are called for. The time for talk is over: you can't reason with these people, and I've given up trying. The time for action is now. Not inchoate rage, or violence, but focused anger, aimed with laser-like intensity at the root and source of all our problems the seat of the Empire." --

Uncensored Media

September 11 and the Origins of the
"War on Terrorism"

The HUGE business nobody talks about

Madness 1917

Thucydides 431BC

Voices in the Wilderness

Code Pink

What Really Happened

From the Wilderness Publications

Online Journal

Guerrilla News Network


Al Martin &@151 RAW

Propaganda Matrix

Dissident Voice

Global Free Press


The Crisis Papers

Free Speech News

Terrorist in White House


Skolnick's Report

The Big Eye's Alt-News Center

The Iconoclast

Independent Media Center

Centre for Research on Globalization

Information Clearing House

The Narco News Bulletin

The Center for Public Integrity

Sanders Research Associates

Radio Internet Story Exchange

The Emperor's New Clothes

Defrauding America

Center for Cooperative Research

Liberal Slant

The Independent Institute

The New Enlightenment


International A.N.S.W.E.R.

Intervention Magazine

U.S. Crusade

Greg Palast

Middle East Report

The Washington Report

Veterans for Peace — Gainesville, FL

Karen De Coster

Project Censored

Mad Cow Morning News

Americans Against Bombing

Baghdad, etc.

National Network to End the War Against Iraq
To find a Network member group in your state CLICK HERE

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